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Which is the Best Phase of DHA Lahore to Live?

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DHA Lahore

DHA is emerging as a top real estate development in Pakistan developed and managed by former Army officers. This housing scheme offers incredible living and investment opportunities in all the major cities of Pakistan. Talking about DHA Lahore, this place is offering an exclusive living ambiance with an abundance of features and facilities. DHA Lahore has incredible architecture and infrastructure designed according to international standards.

As compared to other housing projects in Lahore, the demand for DHA properties is extremely high despite their expensive rates. However, the developers have launched various DHA Lahore phases offering multiple residential and commercial properties. All the phases are planned and developed excellently while featuring world-class amenities. Usually, people are confused about which DHA Lahore Phase is best for investment and living? Let’s discuss the answer to this question with reasons.

DHA Lahore Phases

DHA Lahore is a vast housing project consisting of several phases and blocks. The society is ideally located near Allama Iqbal International Airport however each phase is connected to a different area of Lahore. This place not only offers premium living but also incredible business and investment opportunities. Initiated in 1976, Lahore DHA has 11 phases till now.

They include DHA Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5, Phase 6, Phase 7, CBW Phase 8, EX AA phase 8, EX PV Phase 8, Phase 9 Town, Phase 9 Prism, Phase 11 RAHBAR, and Phase 12 EME. Each phase has several blocks and sectors. In all the phases, you can book residential plots including 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. Also, you can book commercial plots of 4 Marla and 8 Marla.

Best Phase of DHA Lahore

All DHA Lahore phases are providing modern and up to the mark lifestyle to people along with promising future returns. However, DHA Lahore Phase 5 and Phase 8 are worth investing in to earn remarkable investment benefits. Also, these phases ensure providing a modern lifestyle full of comforts and conveniences.

DHA Phase 5 Lahore

DHA Phase 5 is a part of DHA expansion plan that is developed on the land close to Lahore Ring Road. This phase is planned and designed according to modern real estate trends thus hosts incredible infrastructure. Phase 5 of DHA Lahore has broad roads, 50 feet wide boulevards, lanes, and broadways with efficient underground electrical systems.

Phase 5 is the most expensive DHA Lahore phase as property rates are high however the investors will gain high returns on investment because of the ever-growing value and demand of properties within this phase. Phase 5 has several blocks including Block A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, GG offering residential and commercial plots in multiple sizes. Here are the top reasons that make Phase 5 the best DHA Lahore phase.

1. DHA Phase 5 Lahore Location

DHA Phase 5 is set ideally close to Lahore Ring Road making it easily accessible from all parts of Lahore. From the Eastern side, it meets directly to Bedian Road. Such a prime and well-connected location make this phase worth investing in.

2. High Investment Returns

Investing in DHA Lahore phase 2 is ideal as the property value and demand are continually increasing here. People who buy plots here some years ago are gaining significant profits today. Still, DHA phase 5 Lahore plot prices are increasing day by day indicating that it is an ideal investment hub.

3. Fully Developed & Populated

Lahore DHA Phase 5 is a modern and fully developed phase where many people are residing. However, it is called the most populated block of DHA Lahore. All the infrastructural development, electricity, water, sewerage, and other work have been completed here. This is the reason that the property prices are high at this place.

4. World-Class Amenities

All phase 5 blocks offer top-notch features and amenities to residents to upgrade their living standards. This block hosts some of the best coffee shops, restaurants, pharmacies, salons, commercial offices, mosques, grocery stores, bakeries, schools, academies, and more.

DHA Lahore Phase 8

Phase 8 is another top choice when it comes to living or investing in DHA Lahore. This phase is famous for its modern infrastructure and various luxurious features. However, it is considered the best DHA phase in Lahore for living and investment purposes. DHA Lahore phase 8 comprises various sectors including Air Avenue, Park View City, Commercial Broadway, and Ivy Green. However, each sector hosts multiple blocks and properties for sale.

Lahore DHA phase 8 plot prices are high however the investment returns are guaranteed. Considerable development has completed in this phase however some construction work is still under process in some blocks. The following reasons make Phase 8 one of the best phases of DHA Lahore.

1.DHA Lahore Phase 8 Location

DHA Phase 8 is ideally located between Ring Road and Barki Road. One can easily access this place directly from Ring Road and other areas of Lahore. Also, many landmarks and important highways are directly connected to this phase making it an ideal real estate destination to live and invest in. You can reach Phase 8 from Shabir Sharif Road and Beddian Road.

2. Modern Infrastructure

Phase 8 is one of the most sought-after DHA Lahore phases because of its up to the mark architecture and infrastructure. This whole phase is designed and developed according to global standards. However, it boasts various commercial sectors, broad road networks, green landscapes, parks, underground electricity, and much more.

3. High Investment Potential

DHA Lahore Phase 8 plot prices continue to increase because of its premium location, world-class features, modern development, and more. Even at the current time, both residential and commercial property rates are high. However, the potential investors are willing to buy property in DHA Lahore phase 8 due to the ever-growing property rates and value here.

4. Broadway Commercial Phase 8

Phase 8 of DHA Lahore has a great significance among other blocks due to the largest commercial sector named Broadway Commercial. This area consists of various corporate spaces and offices. Also, there are various hyper marts and shopping malls.

5. Modern Features & Facilities

This phase is exclusively planned to provide a premium living to people full of luxuries. Lahore DHA Phase 8 is worth investing in and living in due to the availability of high-end features and amenities. This includes wide carpeted roads, an advanced security system, underground electricity, sports complex, salons, banks, restaurants, shopping malls, hyper marts, parks, landscapes, power backup, schools, hospitals, and much more.

DHA Lahore Phase 5 Lahore Prices

Residential Plots Price Range

Area 10 Marla 
Price Range 1.25 Crore – 4 Crore 
Area 1 Kanal
Price Range 2.1 Crore – 6.5 Crore 
Area 2 Kanal 
Price Range 4.5 Crore – 16 Crore 
Area 4 Kanal
Price Range 14 Crore – 40 Crore 

Houses Price Range

Area 5 Marla 
Price Range 1.99 Crore – 2.9 Crore 
Area 10 Marla 
Price Range 2.4 Crore – 5.75 Crore 
Area 1 Kanal
Price Range 4.75 Crore – 11.5 Crore 
Area 2 Kanal
Price Range 8 Crore – 28 Crore 

Commercial Plots Price Range

Area 4 Marla 
Price Range 2.55 Crore – 11 Crore 
Area 8 Marla 
Price Range 2.1 Crore – 9.5 Crore 

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Lahore Prices

Residential Plots Price Range

Area5 Marla 
Price Range 43 Lakh – 1.15 Crore 
Area10 Marla 
Price Range 1.05 Crore – 3.4 Crore 
Area1 Kanal 
Price Range 1.55 Crore – 5.35 Crore 
Area2 Kanal
Price Range 3.5 Crore – 13.2 Crore 

Houses Price Range

Area10 Marla 
Price Range 3 Crore – 4.95 Crore 
Area1 Kanal 
Price Range 4.8 Crore – 8.95 Crore 
Area2 Kanal
Price Range 8.25 Crore – 16.85 Crore 

Commercial Plots Price Range

Area2 Marla 
Price Range 1.6 Crore – 3.25 Crore 
Area4 Marla 
Price Range 2.25 Crore – 8 Crore 
Area8 Marla 
Price Range 3.2 Crore – 18 Crore 
Area16 Marla 
Price Range 19 Crore – 35 Crore 
Area2 Kanal
Price Range 20 Crore – 1.25 Arab

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