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Top 5 ways to use aluminum in home construction


Aluminum, being a lightweight yet durable material, is highly versatile when it comes to construction. It can be used in a variety of ways, from the initial construction to the finishing touches, and even in furniture. As long as you use quality products from companies like Prime Aluminum, then your structures are bound to last long with a very convenient amount of maintenance. Here are five of the best ways you can incorporate this excellent material in your home’s construction.

1. Install efficient window frames and shutters

Aluminum window frames keep your windows easy to maintain, especially if you have sliding windows. They do not rust easily and slide quite smoothly. Unlike wooden frames, they do not expand and contract with changing weather, so there will be minimal maintenance required.

If you want shutters over your windows, you can get aluminum ones installed. They are safe, and they reflect sunlight, so they prevent your home from heating up. You can also add appeal and privacy with Venetian blinds which fit with the décor of your home.

2. Build durable exterior structures

For exterior structures like gazebos and covered porches, aluminum frames work quite well. They resist he elements and stand up to them quite efficiently. You just have to get the aluminum repainted after a couple of years, and you’re good to go.

In addition, you can get fibreglass shades made over your windows using an aluminium frame. Any other metal would cause an issue with rust or heat.

3. Hardy exterior gate

Your exterior gate needs to be sturdy and easy to maintain, but also lightweight. Aluminum checks all those boxes and does not need extensive care to last for a long time. You can get it painted in any color you think works best for your gate. You can wash it to keep it clean, and oil the bolts, sliding mechanism, and locks every couple of months to keep it in an optimal condition.

If you have an enclosed garage, then an aluminum door is a great option to go for. Due to its flexibility and weight, it is easy to lift or slide, and can even be used with an automated mechanism to keep your garage secure and resistant to the elements.

4. Sturdy railings

Especially in double-story homes, railings need to be installed in a number of places. Whether they are along the balcony or terraces or along your staircases, aluminum railings are lightweight enough to not overload your home’s structure, and sturdy enough to support your weight. Combined with tempered glass, aluminum is used in the latest and trendiest railing designs in modern homes. So, to add value to your home and boost its aesthetic appeal, aluminum railings are a great option. Getting them from a company like Prime Aluminum is recommended to ensure high quality.

5. Durable drains and gutters

For drainage and rain gutters, you need flexible and weather-resistant materials. The gutters need to last for long and be easy to clean and replace. Aluminum pipes are the go-to option to handle the rain runoff without having regular blockages.

So, here were five great ways to integrate aluminum in your home.

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