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paint - The Weather Shield

Does your next plan to give your home a face lift include a painting project? Well, consider it. Whether or not you really need to repaint your home’s exterior actually becomes apparent during the monsoon season, which happens to be already upon us. During this season, the facade of your house is more likely to get tarnished and stained owing to near-constant rains. So, why not apply weather shield to it beforehand, and before the exterior of your house actually starts pinching your eyes?

Fast fact: As the name signifies, weather shield paints provides resistance and durability against harsh weather, fungus, dirt, algae and alkali.

Weather shield paints are usually acrylic-based and become water-resistant upon drying. They also have a unique characteristic of repelling ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, which is why these paints do not fade out easily.


Though the rates of weather shield paints vary from one brand to another, as a rough idea, 1 gallon (3.78 litres) of paint is likely to cost you around Rs 2,000 and a drum containing almost 16 litres of paints may cost around Rs 8,000. The rates, of course, may vary from one brand to another and these are just well-educated guesses and close estimates.

Paint required

One litre of paint can cover a surface area of 155 ft2 per coat. However, the amount of the weather shield paint required for coating the exterior of your house largely depends on the following factors:

Quality of paint – A high-quality paints may appear costlier, but it may save you some dime as less of it will be required to get a standard finish.

Grey Structure – The grey structure of your house is likely to require more of the weather shield paint as compared to an already painted surface.    

Number of coats – Increasing the number of coats will obviously increase the consumption of paint.

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