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Step by Step Guide to Register Online for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Naya Pakistan

Naya Pakistan Housing program is a great initiative owing to the population influx and low housing conditions of low-income people in Pakistan. The project is launched by Imran Khan on 10th October 2018 with the vision to give affordable and high-standard living to people. However, NPHP aims to build more than 5 million houses within 5-year.

Through this housing scheme, the government plans to give 36 billion rupees subsidy to NPHP homeowners so that they can buy plots and homes in this project at affordable rates ranging from two to four million rupees. The applicants would pay 10% of the total home value at the time of booking. Hence, the rest amount is payable in monthly installments spanning over 20 years. Instead of paying rent, people can now have their own homes by paying easy installments.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Any Pakistani can apply for Naya Pakistan Housing scheme by owning a home with much affordability and convenience. However, people still ask who can apply for Naya Pakistan housing scheme? Well, the criteria are straightforward. You are eligible to apply for NPHP if you fulfill the following terms!

  • You must be a Pakistani citizen
  • You should have a valid CNIC
  • You do not have your own home
  • Only one family member can apply for this project

Registration for Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Despite the growing real estate trends from the last few years, many people still do not have their own homes and live in miserable conditions. Although many private housing schemes in Pakistan introduced favorable living options still they are out of reach for low-income masses. However, Naya Pakistan housing scheme is a great step taken by the government to give the best housing opportunities to people.

Under this project, people can be homeowners in different cities of Pakistan with much affordability and ease. Since the launch of NPHP, this project is gaining an immense response. A lot of people are registering themselves for it. You can visit E-sahulat center of Nadra as well as can register online for NPHP. Here is a step-by-step guide to register in Naya Pakistan housing scheme.

Register Online for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme – Step by Step Guide

The government has recently launched an online portal to get registered for NPHP for the convenience of people. However, you have to pay Naya Pakistan housing program registration fee worth Rs 250 to E-Sahulat franchise before booking online. You can also pay fee through easy paisa, credit card, debit card, and other online payment methods. Follow the below-mentioned steps for Naya Pakistan housing scheme online registration.

1. Visit the official website of NPHP Nadra. Complete the fee payment process by adding a receipt if you have already paid or make submit registration charges online.

2. Click on Register Online option after paying fee.

3. A new screen will open in front of you showing all the terms, conditions, and instructions.

4. Accept those terms and click on Proceed button.

5. Provide your CNIC/NICOP number to continue.

6. Online registration form for Naya Pakistan housing scheme will open where you have to add all the required information.

7. Provide your personal details and housing requirements along with monthly income, mobile number, family members, monthly installment that you can afford, and the city where you want home.

8. Review the form and inserted details before submitting it.

9. Click on Submit button.

10. You will receive a confirmation receipt after completing Naya Pakistan housing booking procedure that you must save and download.

If you are facing any difficulty registering yourself online, you can also download Naya Pakistan Housing scheme registration form and submit it to the nearest NADRA e-sahulat center along with the registration fee, copy of your CNIC and 2 passport size photos.

How Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Will Work?

NPHP is planned to provide quality and affordable homes to people in different cities of Pakistan. For the development and construction of this project, the government has signed an agreement with private construction companies.

The government has allocated and provided land to the private construction sector and will complete the whole development and construction work. However, the constructed homes and apartments will be provided to people on easy monthly installments spanning over 15 to 20 years.

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Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan Calculator

After the official announcement of Naya Pakistan housing program, considerable development work has started on this project. PKR 30 billion has been allocated for NPHP. Every Pakistani can apply for Naya Pakistan housing scheme to own a home.

The interest rate is significantly reduced by the govt for low-cost housing projects. People who want to buy a home in NPHP can take loans from banks on easy terms. Various banks have developed special loan policies for people who want to buy home in Naya Pakistan housing.

  • On 1 Million loan from bank, the monthly installment would be 6,600 for the first five months.
  • The monthly installment would be 13,1999 on Rs 2 Million Loan
  • On Rs 3 Million loan, the monthly installment would be 19,799
  • On Rs 4 Million Load, the monthly installment would be 31,012
  • On Rs 5 Million loan, the monthly installment would be 38,765

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Categories

To improve the housing situation in Pakistan while providing low-cost residential opportunities to people, the government has taken an important step in form of Naya Pakistan Housing Project. Through this top-notch initiative, Pakistan real estate sector has also revolutionized. NPHP is rapidly developing and progressing in multiple cities of Pakistan while the government is ensuring the delivery of the project timely.

This is a vast housing project that has three major categories. The first is Naya Pakistan and Development Authority (NAHDA) which includes high-end apartments and homes. Under this project, applicants can book 5 Marla homes and 850 square feet apartments.

The second one is NAPDHA project that includes 5 Marla homes and 850 square feet of apartments. However, the third category includes 10 Marla homes. The property value of categories one and two is Rs 3.5 million however the value for 3rd category is Rs 6 million. The applicants can avail loan up to Rs 2.7 million for the first category, Rs 3 million loan for 2nd, and Rs 5 Million for 3rd NAPDHA category.

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