Painting Newly Built House: Types, Usage and Cost Estimate

Painting Newly Built House: Types, Usage and Cost Estimate. Paint is an important part when it comes to house finishing. The paint provides decoration as well as protection to the house walls. Though there are many other types of wall finishing options available, paint is considered the most reliable and affordable. Many paint types are there to give an aesthetic touch to your home.

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The selection of the right paint is an essential task to achieve the desired look. Moreover, the application of paint should be done appropriately otherwise you have to face disappointing results. If you are going to paint your home then there are many aspects to consider including paint quality, types, prices and so much more. Let’s discuss everything in detail!

Types of Paints

To decorate your home, you must start with paint. Hence, there are many paint types available to cater to your needs. Paints are classified based on their texture, ingredients, and some other factors. If you are planning to paint a home, you must have complete knowledge of all paint types and categories.

Distemper Paint & Emulsion Paint

You may also hear of distemper paint and emulsion paint. Most people are not aware of their difference and find it confusing to choose the right option to paint their homes. Knowing their difference, advantages, and disadvantages is important to make an informed decision.

Distemper Paint


Distemper is an old paint type and a mixture of pigment, lime, chalk, and water. The other name of distemper paint is cement paint as you can directly apply them on cement walls even without the use of primer or coating of anything. That is why people usually prefer distemper for newly built homes. Distemper paints are suitable both for exterior and interior thus stay good on walls for almost 3 to 4 years. Two coats of distemper paint are essential to get desirable finishing.

Emulsion Paint

Emulsion paint is a binder that has acrylic resin, SB latex, and polyvinyl acetate. Because of this, the paint sticks to the wall quickly and easily. Moreover, emulsion paint provides better protection from UV rays as it contains pigments, solvents, and many additives. Emulsion paints are water-based. People prefer this paint type for their home as it stays for long on walls as compared to distemper paints. The finishing and quality are ever better. However, emulsion paint is expensive than distemper paint.


Other Pain Types

Water-Based Paint: Also known as latex, water-based paint is mostly used to paint homes. This paint has great finishing and performance with quick-drying technology. Water-based paint protects the walls of your house against moisture, mildew, and other environmental hazards. You can get them in many colors and are applicable in all parts of your home.

Oil Based Paint: Also, known as alkyds, oil-based paints are more suitable for moisture areas. Usually, they are used to paint bathrooms and the kitchen. They are expensive than latex. Moreover, they have a very strong smell and are not environmental-friendly.

oil paint

Paint Finishes: Whether you want a shiny look or a matter look for your home after painting, the following finishing options are available.

Matte Paint: Matte paint is suitable for interior walls because of its velvety and smooth texture. This paint type covers all the imperfections on the walls excellently giving them an incredible look. Moreover, matte paints are durable and easy to clean.

Suitable For Places: Dining Room, Ceiling And Bedrooms

Eggshell: Eggshell paint finish is highly durable and covers the wall imperfections so well. Hence, it gives a slightly lustrous look because of the little quantity of sheen.

Suitable For Places: Hallways, Entryways, And Living Rooms

Satin: Satin is one of the most reliable and popular pain finishes that contains a velvety sheen. They give walls an aesthetic touch and are very easy to clean. One flaw of satin is that it can reveal brush strokes.

Suitable For Places: Family Rooms, Kitchen, Playroom, Laundry Rooms, And Bathrooms

Semi-Gloss: Semi-gloss paints are reflective with a considerable shine. The mildew-resistant approach makes them highly durable. You can use them at different parts of your home however they may show the imperfections more.

Suitable For Places:Kitchen, Bathroom, Kids’ Rooms

High-Gloss: As the name implies, high-gloss paints are the shiniest, durable, and easily washable. High-gloss paints are more used to paint doors, trims, and cabinets. If not applied properly, it can make the imperfections more visible.

Suitable For:Doors, Trims, Cabinets, Window Grills, Shutters

Best Paint Brands in Pakistan

Choosing the right paint type and quality is essential and depends on the paint company you are relying on. There are many paint companies in Pakistan. When so many options are available, picking the suitable one can be tricky.

Painting a home is synonymous with protection along with aesthetic touch to your home. However, you cannot rely on low-quality paints just because their prices are less. Choosing a reputable paint brand is essential to get the best value for your money. Here is the list of top paint brands in Pakistan that offers the best paint shades, quality, and price. Pick any of them!

  • Master Paints
  • Black Horse Paints
  • Berger Paints
  • Sparco Paints
  • Diamond Paints
  • Brighto Paints
  • Nippon Paints

Paint Estimate – How Much Paint Is Required For Your Home?

If you are planning to paint your home, making a cost estimate is essential. This helps to maintain your budget excellently and saves from extra expenses. Remember, for a newly built home, you will need less paint as compared to rough or flawed walls. By doing the following measurements, you can easily calculate the paint cost for your home.

The paint quantity can be estimated easily if you have a proper calculation of your room area. One gallon of paint can cover up to 400 Square Feet that is enough to paint a small room. 2 Gallons can paint up to 800 square feet that is enough for an average size room and so on. However, to find out how many gallons you need, calculate all the paintable area and divide it by 400 square feet. Whatever quantity you get, it is suggested to buy 2 quartz extra to meet the paint shortage.

Area Covered by 1 Gallon = 400 Square Feet

Paint for Walls

  • Consider your room shape
  • Calculate the width and height of all 4 walls
  • Calculate the square foot of your room by multiplying width to height
  • Eliminate the window and door areas from the final square foot measurement

Pain for Ceiling

  • Calculate the width and length of your ceiling
  • Multiply the width into the length
  • Divide the answer with 400 square feet

Paint for Doors & Windows

  • Calculate the height and width of your door or window
  • Multiply its height into length to obtain accurate square feet
  • Add the square feet of all doors and windows
  • Divide the answer with 400 Square Feet

Note: The rate of gallons varies according to a paint brand or company.

Paint Tools You Need To Paint A Home

Along with paint gallon quantity and cost, never forget to add high-quality paint tools. Without them, you cannot paint the house properly. You need to buy the following equipment!

  • Drop Cloth to protect furniture
  • Sandpaper
  • Disposable liners and paint tray
  • 9-inch roller and a roller cover
  • 2 inch angled sash brush to paint edges
  • Edger

How To Evaluate Paint Quality

As so many types of paints are available in the market, you must be careful while making a choice. A low-quality paint will be cracked, faded, and destroyed quickly. High-quality paints stay on walls for almost 3 to 4 years. However, any paint you choose must have the following characteristics!

  • The paint must be sticky and should not drip on the wall
  • Must have a good spreading
  • Paint color should remain consistent without fading
  • The paint must dry quickly
  • Paint must be smooth and even on the walls
  • The new color coat must fully cover the white cement or old color
  • All the surfaces must be perfectly repaired

Is Paint Suitable For Exterior Finishing?

No doubt painting is an incredible choice to protect and decorate a home’s interior walls. However, paint is not much suitable for the house exterior as it cannot withstand rain, excessive heat, or other environmental factors. Even if you choose the most expensive paint, it will soon fade, crack, or get damaged. Nowadays, there are many trendy and suitable house exterior finishing options available.

After considerable research, you should choose an exterior finishing that not only provides an aesthetic touch to your home but also protection. Here are the most popular house exterior finishing options!

Weather Sheet

  • 100% acrylic based exterior coating
  • Withstand all weather conditions
  • No cracks or damage
  • Prevents algae or fungus
  • Affordable

Decorative Stone

  • Weather-resistant
  • Can last long for decades
  • Expensive

Facing Bricks

  • Highly durable and weather-resistant
  • Multiple color options
  • Environmental friendly
  • Expensive and inexpensive qualities available

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