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How to Track Naya-Pakistan Housing Scheme?

naya pakistan

Naya-Pakistan Housing Scheme is a great initiative by Pakistan Government to deal with the shortage of houses and quality residence faced by many people. Despite the boost in Pakistan real estate sector, a large population still does not have their own homes because of the high price range.

Naya-Pakistan housing program is initiated with the vision to provide homes to low-income families with affordable monthly installments spanning over 15 to 20 years. Under NPHP, more than 5 million houses will be constructed in different cities of Pakistan. However, the government is providing 36 Billion subsidies to NPHS homeowners so that they can buy plots and homes in this program.

How to Track for Naya-Pakistan Housing Scheme?

You can register for Naya-Pakistan housing scheme online as well as by visiting NADRA e-Sahulat franchise. For the convenience of people, the Government has launched NPHP online portal from where you can register for this program without going anywhere.

After registering, some people want to know the status of Naya-Pakistan housing program application whether it is submitted or not. Also, people think that they may have to register every time a new phase of this program is launched. This is not the case.

You only need one time registration for this project. However, if you are looking to check the application status of Naya Pakistan housing program, you can do it online from the comfort of your home.

Steps To Track Online For Naya Pakistan Housing Program

1. Visit the website

2. Choose “Track/Print Registration Receipt” option from the menu

3. Enter your Citizen number (CNIC) and captcha code

4. Click on Proceed

5. A page will open containing all the details about your application verifying that it is under process.

NPHP applicants will be approached and informed by NADRA if they are selected for balloting. After receiving a call from NADRA, you have to pay down payment along with bank loan documents.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Phase 1

Naya Pakistan housing Phase 1 was initiated in the major cities of Pakistan providing a chance for low-income people to own home with much ease and convenience. Naya Pakistan housing program registration system is the responsibility of NADRA. A large number of people applied for NPHP after which the government decided to launch its Phase II.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Phase 2

The government launched NPHP phase 2 for those who missed the chance to register themselves in Phase 1. Like Phase 1, Naya Pakistan housing program phase 2 also received huge responses from the public. This program provides people with a chance to own a home with affordable pricing instead of paying rent.

Naya Pakistan Housing Programs Applications Update

According to the latest NPHP updates, the applications of more than 2 million registered applicants are under process on multiple forums. The development and land acquisitions in different cities are also in process. More than 70,000 applicants have already allotted loans worth 125 billion collectively. However, the government has built more than 20,000 houses till now.

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