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How To Kill Termites At Home

The spring season is an active time of the year for swarmers, also known as flying termites, as they mate in large numbers and then establish colonies in areas that provide them with ample food i.e. sources of cellulose. Similar to winged ants, these termites shed their wings after mating. If you see a pile of termite wings in your house, white ants scurrying through a mud tunnel or frass (kill termites – termite droppings), then it is quite likely that your house has become a breeding ground for these social insects. In this blog, we will discuss fool-proof ways to get rid of termites for good.


  • Eliminate and reduce moisture in and around the house
  • Repair leaky faucets 
  • Fix cracks in your house structure
  • Keep all sources of water like sprinklers away from your house
  • Keep a look out for furniture that seems hollow when you tap on it
  • Check exteriors of your house that have wood, like door frames, window frames and skirting boards for any noticeable changes
  • Maintain a 20-inch gap between the soil and any parts of your house that contains wood
  • Get your house inspected by a professional annually
  • Keep mulch and any scraps of wood pieces away from your house

Let us help you identify the hard-to-detect-signs of termite infestation in your home.


Kill Termites
Termite wings are a sure sign that the place is infested with it

Termites feed on everything related to cellulose—from wood, plant materials to even books. They pave their way into your house and can eat away the foundations, while remaining undetected, until much damage has been done. 

They leave worm-like tunnels made of mud. You can spot these tunnels on your walls, most likely rising up from the ground. These tunnels are there to protect worker termites. Termite wings are a dead giveaway that these pests have infested your home.


Termites are social insects and build colonies

If you don’t want to spray any chemical solution, don’t worry there are plenty of ways to get rid of termites naturally.

Wet cardboard trap

If you have some left over cardboard boxes lying in your garage, then you have the best termite trap. Wet the cardboard and place it near the area where you think there are termite colonies. Once you see the insects feeding off of the cellulose in the cardboard box, you can simply burn the entire piece of cardboard.

Sunlight kills termites

If you expose a termite colony to bright sunlight during the day, it will die. Here’s how you can get rid of termites in furniture. Place the piece of infested furniture outside under direct sunlight and you will see termites dead in no time.

Use nematodes

Ever heard the nursery rhyme of a woman who ate a fly and then had to eat a spider who could eat the fly? You can apply the same theory to kill termites. Allow other parasites to do the job for you. If all else fails, you can kill termites by introducing parasitic nematodes. These are worms that find termites a tasty dinner. You can purchase them in any store or even online. 

Remove mulch from around the home

Mulch to a termite is like walking into an all-you-can-eat buffet. It is moist and contains truckloads of cellulose—a perfect treat for termites. By simply removing mulch from your garden, you can eliminate a major termite threat.

Boric acid kills termites

One of the simplest home remedies to kill termites is through boric acid. Boric acid dehydrates a termite and shuts down its nervous system. The best way to eliminate termites with boric acid is to apply it on a bait. Take a piece of wood, coat it evenly with boric acid and place it in your garden near your house. In no time, you will see a horde of termites eating away the wood and with it also consuming boric acid. It is one of the best ways to kill termites at home.


Termites love to feed on wood

It is important to make sure your home’s plumbing system is performing well. Any kind of water leaks can become a breeding ground for termites. Fix any plumbing issues at home taking the DIY route. Termites need cellulose plus adequate amounts of water. So, in order to prevent termites at home, simply cut out all sources of water and termites won’t flourish.

Rain is a bane not a boon

Although you can’t control rains, you can prevent water from pooling up around your house’s foundation. If there is standing water after every rainfall, you need to take appropriate measures to eliminate pools of water so that termites don’t flourish.

Cleaning out your gutter system is also important

If your gutters are clogged, they will leak and become a breeding ground for these social insects. Fix it before it attracts termites. Also, you can spray Tenakill which is a chemical spray—easily available in any local store—to control pests. Follow the directions mentioned on the label.

A tried and tested way to get rid of termites at home is to take around 5 tbsp of Tenakill in a bucket of water. Use this diluted mixture to spray termite infested areas. Tenakill is also effective to treat other house pests. Cockroaches are resilient house insects that can be eliminated if you spray a diluted solution of Tenakill in your drainage system. There are many natural ways you can kill cockroaches at home.

Seal cracks

One of the simplest ways to prevent termites at home is to seal off any cracks in your house. Caulking off any cracks and also controlling seepage in walls will keep away termites from invading your house. Gaps around electrical wiring and switch boards also pave the way for termites to enter your house.

Allow fresh air in the house

A well-ventilated house can keep termites at bay. As discussed, among various ways to get rid of termites at home is to prevent moisture build-up. Install exhaust fans in washrooms at the highest point as hot air having water vapors rise up and can escape through the vent. This way the walls in your house and bathrooms do not retain any moisture. 

During house construction, you should keep big windows and ensure there are enough ventilation points to keep the air flow right, also allowing natural light to flood in. There are plenty of common house construction mistakes that you should avoid when building a house. A minor house construction mistake that you will overlook for now can bother you for the rest of your life.

Apart from termites there are many house pests that can make your life difficult. It is important to kill these house pests using natural ways before they increase in numbers. There are also many tips to keep your home allergy-free. When tidying your home make sure you go through this check-list of deep cleaning your home. For more updates, stay tuned to the best lifestyle blog in Pakistan.

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