How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online?


In Pakistan, the concept of e-governing is gaining immense popularity. All the governmental authorities and departments are relying on digital solutions to facilitated and serve people. However, the property, taxation, and other departments have further encouraged the idea by introducing mobile apps, web apps, and digital portals.

Tracking your property ownership has been always a difficult task as there was no online system to check records or ownership. However, people are manipulated by the old registry system that is not trustable anymore. This old system also causes to rise numerous property scams. To avoid such situations, Pakistan Government has introduced a digital system to check property ownership online. Because of this, the property ownership check and verification have become fast, safe and efficient.

Check Property Ownership Online

The provincial government of Sindh and Punjab have launched digital platforms from where you can online check your property ownership. However, both the portals are managed and handled by provincial revenue authorities. The portals aim to make the land ownership check and administration less challenging and more accurate because of the vast and well-managed property database. Moreover, it mitigates the chance of unlawful activities that were more likely to happen on the old registry system.

Check Property Ownership in Punjab

Punjab has introduced an online property ownership checking system to facilitate the public. It was initiated in 2012 by Punjab Government. The land records and more than 55 million properties were scanned and added with the assistance of the World Bank.

Punjab Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS)

Through the digital system of the Punjab Land record authority, you can explore all properties located in any part of Punjab. However, property owners in Punjab can easily check logs. LRMIS handles all property-related matters excellently. Also, you can check property ownership online in Pakistan with its help. You can go to the digital portal of Punjab land records management as well as download the mobile app to check your property ownership.

How To Check Property Ownership In Punjab?

Checking property ownership in Pakistan has never been so easy. With the launch of the LRMIS mobile app and digital portal, Punjab property owners can easily check property ownership online anytime they want. Let’s discuss the steps to check property ownership in Punjab!

1.Go to the official website or LRMIS Punjab or download LRMIS mobile app.

2. Click on the property registration option

3. Enter your tehsil and area name in Punjab where your property is located.

4. The next step will ask you to enter information such as name, number, CNIC, and property number.

5. Then choose your property type whether it is commercial or residential.

6. Click on the search button to know the result.

Check Property Ownership in Sindh

Like Punjab, the Sindh government has also introduced an online property ownership checking system. Through this platform, the property owners in any district or city of Sindh can track the record and ownership status without getting into a difficult process.

Land Administration And Revenue Management Information System Sindh (LARIMS)

This portal is excellently designed for the residents of Sindh where they can easily check property ownership online. Through this portal, the Sindh government aims to resolve the land ownership difficulties that property owners in Sindh face. Moreover, various scamming policies can be avoided that happen due to the traditional property registry system. A vast digital database helps significantly in checking ownership of property.

How To Check Property Ownership In Sindh?

You can conveniently check your property ownership online at the comfort of your home. Here is the step-by-step guide to check property ownership in Sindh.

1.Go to LARIMS Sindh official website or download LARIMS mobile app.

2. Click to the property registration option

3. Verify yourself through CAPTCHA

4. Enter your district or area in Sindh where your property is located

5. Then verify your intent by providing your name, CNIC, and property number.

6. Select your property type whether it is residential or commercial

7. Click on the search button to get the result

Benefits Of Digital Land Records Management Information System

As compared to traditional property ownership and registry system, the digital platforms are secure and efficient. With their help, you can check property ownership in Pakistan online with less risk and more accuracy. Anyone can use these portals as they are efficiently designed to facilitate the public. Here are the benefits of digital urban land records in Pakistan!

  • Saves a lot of time
  • You can check property ownership in Pakistan at the comfort of your home
  • No fee or charges are required
  • You will get more accurate and fast property ownership results
  • No risk of fraud or corruption
  • You do not need to go anywhere to check the property ownership

Because of property records and administration digitalization, one can easily check property ownership in Pakistan. The provincial governments have taken significant steps to reduce corruption while facilitating public property-related matters. Currently, only Sindh and Punjab have initiated the online property check platforms. However, KPK and Balochistan governments are also planning to initiate such programs.

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