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Construction Cost of Grey Structure of 10 Marla House (A-Category) in 2020

To build an A-category 10 marla house, you not only require finances but also smart planning. You need to have an outline of your budget before you start building your dream home. This makes the process of constructing your house easier. In this blog, we have given a complete breakdown of the construction cost of a 10 marla house’s grey structure in 2020.

The 10 marla house construction cost is divided into two categories: grey structure cost and finishing cost. For your convenience, we have listed the construction materials required to lay the foundation of a 10 marla unit as well as related costs.

The house under consideration is an A-category 10 marla unit consisting of two floors, with a covered area of 3,300 sq. ft. There are 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, two kitchens and two living rooms one on each floor, a drawing/dining area and a staircase leading all the way to the mumtee.

Let us now take a look at the complete breakdown of the construction cost of a 10 marla house’s grey structure in 2020.


Construction cost
At a glance: Construction cost of the grey structure of a 10 marla house

In the infographic above, we have shared a complete breakdown of the construction cost of a 10 marla house’s grey structure. Please note the sub-totals for different categories have been highlighted.

To find out the 10 marla house construction cost in Pakistan, you should take a good look at the kind of construction materials needed. You would need cement, steel, sand, rebar, bricks and gravel. However, nothing can be materialized if you don’t have labourers to do the job.

So, let us first discuss the cost of labour.


Labour costs are calculated at a per sq. ft. rate. The labour rate for the year 2020 is PKR 375 per sq. ft. To build a 10 marla house with a covered area of 3,300 sq. ft., the total labour cost can amount to PKR 1,237,500.

Labour Cost = PKR 1,237,500


Use Awwal category bricks in building the grey structure of a 10 marla house

The next important thing to know before building a 10 marla unit is to determine the quantity of the construction materials used. Bricks are arguably the most important construction material required for laying a strong foundation of the house.

Usually, Awwal bricks are used in constructionThe current market rate per brick of the Awwal category is PKR 11.5. For a double-storey 10 marla house grey structure, 90,000 bricks would be used, taking the total cost of bricks to PKR 1,035,000.

The next important thing is sand. There are two kinds of sand used to build the grey structure of a 10 marla house: Ravi and Chenab sand. These are collected from riverbeds of Ravi and Chenab – hence the name. For a 10 marla double-storey unit, about 7,000 c.ft. of Ravi sand is used at the rate of PKR 20; the total cost, therefore, can go up to PKR 140,000. 

The sand of river Chenab is of better quality and, therefore, has slightly higher rates. You also don’t need large quantities of this material. Only 1,200 c.ft. of Chenab sand is used at the rate of PKR 35, which means a total of PKR 42,000 is needed to lay the project’s foundation.

Crush and gravel are equally important when it comes to building the basic structure of the house. Margalla gravel is used in building the roof of the house and is more commonly known as Margalla crush for lintel.

Around 1,600 c.ft. Margalla crush is needed at the rate of PKR 75, taking the total cost of this material to PKR 120,000 c.ft. Around 1000 c.ft. Sargodha gravel is used to build the floor of the house at the rate of PKR 65; so you’ll need at least PKR 65,000. 

Rori is also an important material used in house construction. You would most probably use PKR 35,000 worth of Rori in a 10 marla house construction grey structure.

Cost for Bricks, Sand, Crush & Rori = PKR 1,437,000


construction labor
Building the grey structure of a house requires cement, blocks and a lot more

Wondering what Kassu is? Well, it is a mixture of sand and mitti (clay). Kassu is mostly used in filling up the earth and empty plots and you’d need PKR 85,000 worth of this material to construct the foundation of a 10 marla house.

It goes without saying that the role of cement in house construction can’t be undermined. For a double-storey 10 marla house, you would need 800 bags of cement at a rate of PKR 495. It is best to use cement of good quality, preferably so, the total cost of cement would amount to PKR 396,000.

Rebar 60 grade of 5 ton or 5000 kg would be used to build a 10 marla house’s grey structure. The rate per kg of Sarya is PKR 105 per kg so if we are using 5 tons of rebar the total cost would be PKR 525,000.

Cost of Cement, Kassu & Rebar = PKR 1,006,000


When building the foundation of the house, you need to take care of the plumbing and wiring of the house. So, for 5 bathrooms, sewerage lines, of course, need to be put down. Similarly, at all key points where there will be electrical appliances like lights, fans and refrigerator, electric wiring is also done in the house.

Approximately, PKR 135,000 is required for the plumbing of the house. It is advised to hire a professional who can take care of the plumbing and wiring of the house. Approximately PKR 115,000 is needed to have the internal wiring done in the house. The cost of electrician and plumber is included in it.

Cost of Plumbing & Wiring = PKR 250,000


In the construction of a 10 marla house’s grey structure, steel is required at various stages. The current market rate of Chougat steel is at PKR 16 per sq.ft. making the total to PKR 76,500.

The installation of the main gate is also a part of the grey structure. This is estimated to cost around PKR 800 per sq.ft. Therefore, the total cost of setting up the main gate in a 10 marla structure can hover around PKR 75,000. Safety grills, which are also included in the grey structure of a house, can cost you at a 190 per sq.ft. rate taking the total to around PKR 85,500.

Cost of Grills, Gate & Chougat Steel = PKR 237,000


Constructing a 10 marla house grey structure involves a lot of wooden items and, therefore, can easily become a breeding ground for termites. Moreover, termites can eat up the foundations of the house, making it hollow from the inside. To keep termites at bay, a termite spray – FMC Biflex should be used to control termite infestation before house construction even begins which would cost you PKR 35,000. Make a septic tank which would require PKR 18,000. 

Cost of miscellaneous items = PKR 53,000

Total Cost = PKR 4,220,500

So, the total cost to build the grey structure of a 10 marla house (A-category) would be PKR 4,220,500. If you know how to negotiate, you can easily complete the 10 marla house construction at affordable rates.

It’s important to remember the rates mentioned above are applicable in case someone decides to build a house on their own. If a contractor builds your house with labour and material contract, then you will end up with a higher estimate as you’ll have to pay an individual to procure building material, execute the construction of the unit and oversee the entire project.

Therefore, the construction cost of building a 10 marla house through a contractor will vary, as per the agreement between the contractor and the owner.

Stay tuned as we will unveil the complete construction cost of a 10 marla house in 2020 in our next blog.

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