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Constructing a bathroom with materials and costs

Building a bathroom in the best way possible can bring you the highest returns on investment compared to the other features of your home. So, knowing the technicalities and getting the most efficient and high-quality bathroom within your budget is important. From the plumbing to the fixtures, every aspect has to be considered carefully, along with its costs and installation. Here are a few things to consider when having a bathroom constructed, along with the costs involved.

Get proper plumbing

The first and most important thing is the plumbing in your bathroom. If you are constructing a new bathroom, you will have to hire an expert contractor and plumber to plan the plumbing, and ensure that quality pipes are used. If you are remodelling a bathroom, do not change the placement of your plumbing unless it is absolutely necessary, as it could cause costs to skyrocket and will need extensive construction work. If needed, replace any faulty pipes with new ones which are better suited to your needs and any upgraded fixtures.

Materials and cost:

Pipes with collar joints or spigot joints– PKR 250 – PKR 1000 per running foot

(Ask your plumber about the required specifications)


Install tiles that will last long

Tiling is what sets the tone of your bathroom. You also have to ensure that the tiles used are hardy and are installed properly so that they last for ages without any damage. Bathroom tiles come in various materials like ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and even glass, so pick the one suitable for the traffic it will receive and also your home’s theme. The most common and generally hardy material used in bathroom tiling is ceramic, and it is available in an astounding amount of colours and designs, so your options are limitless when it comes to tiling. Remember that installation costs vary between areas and also involves other materials and the cutting of the tiles, so the given costs just involve the price of the tiles themselves.

Materials and cost:

Ceramic tiles-  Available in a wide variety of designs and colours, these can cost anywhere between PKR 50/ft2 to PKR 300/ft2 and above, depending on the company.

Installation costs- Depending on your area and the specifications of your bathroom, installation costs between PKR 15/ft2 – PKR 80/ft2 on average.


Buy fixtures that will make your bathroom shine

 Fixtures are the one thing in your bathroom that you can go all out with and create an impression with. Whether you are choosing taps, sinks, toilets, or showers, there are a vast number of options available for every budget. It depends on you what designs and finishes you want in your fixtures, and how much are you planning to spend on them. Here’s a list of fixtures that you should have in your bathroom, and you can choose options that suit your budget and tastes by exploring what is available in your area. In the case of fixtures, the costs are highly variable.

Materials and costs:

Shower- Variable cost, increases with inclusion of shower cabin and jet systems.

Sink- Variable, depending on material, size, shape, and finish.

Toilet- Variable with different varieties and companies.

Miscellaneous- This includes things like handheld showers, bathroom mirrors, shelves, towel racks. The costs are highly variable depending on what you want.

On average, the total cost of constructing a bathroom can vary immensely. Experts state that the average cost of a quality bathroom from scratch can start from PKR 90,000 to PKR 150,000, with the sky being the limit. So, explore and research thoroughly to see what best fits your needs.

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