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10 Marla House Construction Cost Calculator in Pakistan | Grey Structure And Finishing

10 Marla house construction costs increased significantly in 2023 as the material costs have significantly boosted. Constructed 10 Marla houses for sale are also available in Pakistan at different rates. However, you can still save money by constructing a home on your own instead of buying an already-built 10 Marla home. Besides, constructing a home […]

CLC Blocks: Benefits, Cost-Effectiveness and Important Details to Know

The construction industry in Pakistan is gradually moving towards innovations and advancements. Using CLC blocks instead of conventional bricks is the latest trend to follow, but most people are unaware of their usage and benefits. In several developed and developing countries, these blocks have been used in construction for decades. In Pakistan, most of the builders are […]

Bricks Usage in House Construction: Types, Costing and More

Bricks are among the most important construction materials. In Pakistan, people mostly use bricks to construct 5 Marla homes as they are durable, full of strength, and affordable. However, the clay bricks are excellently manufactured by baking and mining clay and burnt several days in brick kilns. Clay bricks require less maintenance, increase home value, and provide […]


Kick off Lizards, Rats, and other Insects out of Your Home

Elimination of household insect pests is necessary because they cause various allergies and diseases. Besides insects, some common household reptiles like lizards are also problematic. They can infest kitchens and bedrooms and even harm your pets. Thus, kicking them off from your home is a mandatory practice. Here are a few methods of removing lizards, […]

Painting Newly Built House: Types, Usage and Cost Estimate

Painting Newly Built House: Types, Usage and Cost Estimate. Paint is an important part when it comes to house finishing. The paint provides decoration as well as protection to the house walls. Though there are many other types of wall finishing options available, paint is considered the most reliable and affordable. Many paint types are […]

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5 Marla House Construction in Pakistan: Costing and Important Details

Building a 5 Marla House requires proper planning for construction. Though many gated communities offer developed houses with various amenities, they are not tailor-made. Despite this, people prefer to build a home according to their preferences and convenience. In Pakistan, 5 Marla plots and houses are in high demand as they are affordable and suitable […]

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