Budgeting to build a B-category 10-marla home


(Budgeting) Just as the popularity of A+-category 5-marla houses has increased among the elite in Pakistan, B-category 10-marla residential units have become the top choice for the middle class. If you peruse the maanconstructions.com Market Report published in May 2015, you will notice that except for a few high-end localities, price ascents are always more prominent for 10-marla plots. This reflects that there is a greater demand for them.

This kind of demand is a consequence of the need for more private space, even in combined family setups. Moreover, a unit of this size can also accommodate the future needs of the growing families, as the floorplans can be adjusted accordingly later on.

Although there are exceptions, 10-marla homes are often of B-category construction quality. And here’s the good news: a well-planned home of this quality can easily pass off as a B+- or A-category abode.

So if you’re looking to build a 10-marla B-category house, this article will give you a detailed estimate of the money you need to construct it. If you want to cut costs even further, there is slight margin in the woodwork and flooring options if you pick cheaper material that falls in the C category.

Covered area

In housing societies that strictly follow construction bylaws, some area has to be left uncovered from the front, one side as well as the back. Out of the total 2,250 square feet (10 marlas), approximately 1,800 square feet of land can be used as covered area. Interestingly, unlike restrictions imposed on 5-marla houses, the covered area of a 10-marla unit can be same for both the ground floor and the first floor.

Therefore, the rates mentioned in this article are for a total covered area of 3,600 square feet. Please note that the information doesn’t include the cost of the plot, the amount required to get a house map made, the installation of electricity and gas metres, and price of electrical appliances such as tube lights and fans.

Labour costs

Contractors make sure that they stay with a project until it is completed. This applies to labourers, too, as working for contractors offers more job security, which is why they charge reasonably. This kind of contract suits both parties, because having a set of workers attached to your project to the end can help you communicate your vision.

Labour costs depend on the construction period. Prolonging work in hopes of making more money is a common practice among labourers. The builder, however, usually wants to hand the project over by the promised time as his professional reputation is at stake.

Contractors often set the wages of the labourers depending on their skills. In the case of B-category construction, the daily wage of each labourer falls between PKR 250 to PKR 300 per square foot. Depending on the availability of finances, a 10-marla house can be completed in 6 to 7 months.

Total cost: PKR 1,000,000


Approximately 60,000 bricks are required to build a 10-marla house. The entire grey structure, from foundation and the rooftop to the boundary wall, can be constructed with this many bricks. Please note that this estimate doesn’t include the construction of mumty. The rate of 1,000 bricks, per their quality, ranges from PKR 6,000 to PKR 9,000.

For B-category homes, builders recommend bricks that cost about PKR 7,000 per 1,000 pieces as the cheaper ones don’t give the required structural strength.

Total cost: PKR 420,000


Approximately 2,000 square feet of gravel (bajri) is required to build a double-storey 10-marla house. At the moment, the price of gravel is PKR 65 per square foot (a PKR 10 decrease from last year’s rate of PKR 75 per square foot). The rate and quality of gravel is the same throughout the country.

To form the base of floors, another form of gravel, locally known as bajar, is used. Leftover bricks can be broken up into smaller pieces and be used as bajjar. For the kind of unit under study, 1,200 square feet of bajjar is needed. The current rate of bajjar is PKR 55 per square foot ( a PKR 15 increase from last year’s rate of PKR 40).

Total cost: PKR 130,000 (bajri) + PKR 66,000 (bajjar) = PKR 196,000


The current price of cement is PKR 510 per sack, a PKR 10 increase from last year.  For a 10-marla house, you will need 1,400 sacks of cement.

Total cost: PKR 714,000


Sand is ideally measured in square feet, but contractors and builders calculate it by the number of trucks. For a 10-marla house, 7 trucks of sand are enough. The rate of sand hasn’t change recently. It still stands at PKR 10,000 per truck.

Total cost: PKR 70,000


The market rate of rebar (sarya) is PKR 70,000 per ton, which has significantly decreased from PKR 85,000 in one year. It is highly recommended not to use cheap rebar for the construction of any structure. For the kind of house we are discussing, around 6 tons of rebar will be required.

Total cost: PKR 420,000


Wiring is done after the grey structure is completed. Depending on how the contractor works, electricians can work either independently or on contract. In residential buildings, two types of wires are used: 3/29 gauge and 7/29 gauge. The 3/29 gauge wire is for low-consumption appliances and the 7/29 one is for high-consumption appliances.

For the wiring of a 10-marla house, you need 20 coils of both 3/29 gauge and 7/29 gauge wires. The per coil market rate of the 7/29 gauge wire is PKR 4,300, and that of 3/29 gauge wire is PKR 2,700. The electrician’s service charges and the total cost of the wire constitute the total wiring expense.

Please note that UPS wiring needs another five coils. Just like rebar, you should not compromise on the wire quality to save costs.

Total cost: PKR 200,000


The flooring of a B-category house is mostly done in marble, preferably booti-seena. Theper square foot rate of this is PKR 60.  Although marble is relatively cheaper, the cutting, grinding and polishing makes marble flooring an expensive deal. The cost of flooring for the entire house includes bathrooms (3 attached, 1 powder room) in which China-made tiles are used instead of marble.

Total cost: PKR 950,000


Woodwork comes after the flooring. Wood is required for wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, doors and decorative racks in the living room and the drawing room. Rates vary from vendor to vendor and, in order to save costs, you can use prefabricated material instead of wood.

Often, folks looking to save costs skip wardrobes from the construction plan. I don’t recommend doing that because such houses have a lower sale price and are also difficult to rent out on the market rate.

Total cost: PKR 600,000

Windows and glass

Windows give the home the desired elevation and façade. Window frames, wire mesh, metal frames, grills and glass panes are all a part of window work.

Total cost: PKR 200,000

Sanitary fittings

Commodes, wash basins, showers, taps, showers, kitchen sinks and sewerage pipes are some of the essential sanitary fittings of a house. In a B-category 10-marla unit, people use local brands. Although these may be less attractive to look at, they aren’t any less durable if chosen wisely.

Total cost: PKR 600,000

Assorted fittings

Assorted fittings include locks, doorknobs, switchboards and cabinet handles.

Total cost: PKR 150,000


The paint job is done after sanitary and assorted fittings are installed. It is more expensive to get a newly built house painted as several base coats are required to give the walls a neat look. The paint job doesn’t just include the cost of paint but also the labour.

Total cost: PKR 600,000

Grand total: 6,120,000

And there you go!  This is all you need to know about the cost of building a B-category 10-marla house. At the moment, the average sale price of a 10-marla residential plot in Pakistan is PKR 5,500,000. Adding the construction cost to this, a B-category 10-marla should set you back by 11,620,000.

In the market, however, such houses have a price tag of PKR 16,000,000 or more, so getting your own home constructed can save you at least PKR 4,380,000. We think it’s worth the hassle!

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