Bricks Usage in House Construction: Types, Costing and More

Bricks are among the most important construction materials. In Pakistan, people mostly use bricks to construct 5 Marla homes as they are durable, full of strength, and affordable. However, the clay bricks are excellently manufactured by baking and mining clay and burnt several days in brick kilns. Clay bricks require less maintenance, increase home value, and provide better protection. The bricks’ outlook varies according to their type, manufacturing, and material. While making a frame structure of a home or a building, the bricks are considered ideal.

The bricks industry is vast. Mostly, the bricks look shape in terms of shape, and quality but this is not true. There are many types of bricks in Pakistan that vary from one another. The major difference lies in their manufacturing, clay type, burning time, and many other factors. While building a home, you must be careful to choose appropriate bricks to avoid any issues in the future. So let’s discuss everything about bricks in detail.

Why Bricks are Suitable to Make House Frame-Structure?

As discussed earlier, bricks are the most reliable and preferable construction material, especially for residential homes. But why? Here are the top reasons to use bricks for construction!

  • Bricks are strong and durable thus last hindered of years without maintenance
  • Absorb the humidity and moisture very well
  • Bricks are fireproof and capable to withstand excessive heat or temperature
  • Bricks come with many noise reduction features
  • Using bricks is affordable as they are manufactured locally
  • The house structure made of bricks is warm in winter and cool in summer as they maintain temperature very well

Types Of Bricks In Pakistan

Bricks come with different properties that allow making classifications. People who are going to initiate any construction must be aware of all bricks types in Pakistan. This is important to make an informed choice when buying bricks. Here are the most notable bricks types for construction!

Burnt Clay Bricks

bricks size

Burnt clay bricks are popularly used in many areas of Pakistan for the construction of house structures. As the name suggests, these bricks are made from molded wet clay and burnt for many days in a kiln. They are also called fired clay bricks and red bricks. Hence, the firing process significantly impacts increase their strength and affect their appearance.

Burnt Clay Bricks Properties

  • Extremely strong, hard, and durable
  • Reddish in color
  • A rectangular shape with well-defined and sharp edges
  • Dimensions: 9-inch length, 4-inch width, 3-inch height
  • No cracks or flaws

Burn Clay Bricks Types/Classification

A Class Bricks (Awwal Bricks): First-class bricks are highly durable and flawless. They are exceptional in terms of quality and appearance. There will be no cracks however these bricks are burnt excellently. You must use First class or A-class bricks for constructing walls, columns and foundations.

B Class Bricks: They come next to first-class bricks with slight irregularities in color, strength, and shape. They are usually used to make internal walls or medium-quality projects.

C Class Bricks: These bricks are not burnt appropriately and possess many defects in their structure and shape. However, third-class bricks are not in uniform color and shape. Usually, use in temporary construction.

Burnt Clay Bricks Prices in Pakistan

Brick TypesColor Shape Water Absorption Strength 
First Class BricksReddish color – uniformRegular Shape, Sharp edgesLess than 20%105 kg/cm2
Second Class BricksUniform color but over burntNot much polishedMore than 22%70 kg/cm2
Third Class BricksLight color – non-uniformDefects and pores25%30 kg/cm2

How To Differentiate First Class Bricks, Second Class Bricks, And Third Class Bricks?

Brick Types Price Per Brick 
A-Class Bricks Price11 PKR
B-Class Bricks Price9 PKR
C-Class Bricks Price8.5 PKR

Fly Ash Bricks


Another most common bricks in Pakistan are Fly Ash Brick. They are cost-effective and durable with a highly smooth surface. Surely, these bricks are affordable construction material. Fly Ash bricks are made by mixing river sand, water, cement, small stones, and fly ash. They are not as reliable as the clay bricks but still provide many benefits. You can use these bricks in exterior walls, pillars, and medium-size home structures. Fly Ash Clay bricks are made and supplied all over Pakistan.

Fly Ash Bricks Properties

  • Cement grey color
  • Smooth surface with sharp edges
  • No need for plaster on them

Fly Ash Bricks Price in Pakistan

The price of 1 fly ash brick is 10 PKR. The rates vary according to your area or city. 

Concrete Bricks

concrete bricks

Concrete bricks are solid and affordable construction materials that are made of water, cement, and aggregate. They have the most polished and finest look. They are less strong and durable than red clay bricks. However, they are stronger than Fly Ash bricks. Concrete bricks are not recommended to create the main structure of a house. You can use them for the construction of second-floor walls, fences, or façades.

Concrete Bricks Properties

  • Manufactured in multiple colors
  • Come with high strength
  • Water & Fire resistant
  • Polished appearance with sharp edges

Sand Lime Bricks

Sand lime bricks are made of fly ash, lime, sand, and water. All the things are mixed and then kept under pressure to create bricks. A chemical reaction binds all the materials very well together thus increase their strength. Like clay bricks, lime sand bricks are not burnt. They are grey-white however various colors can be added through pigments. The load-bearing capacity along with immense strength make these bricks a good choice. You can use it to construct pillars and walls. Sand lime bricks prices in Pakistan vary according to area or city.

Sand Lime Bricks Properties

  • Grey-white color
  • Smooth and polished finish
  • Load-bearing capabilities
  • Sharp and finest edges

Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are one of the best bricks types used for construction. They are specially made under high pressure and temperature. Engineering bricks are widely used for civil engineering projects or to make the foundation of buildings. Hence, they are also suitable for damp-proof courses.

Engineering Bricks Properties 

  • Reddish color
  • Highly strong and durable
  • Load-bearing
  • Damp Proof

Which Brick Type Is Best For Construction?

Though all the bricks have their own characteristics and features, Red Clay Bricks are the most reliable. Choose A-Grade bricks to make a more durable and sustainable house structure. Even in modern construction, bricks are considered reliable and versatile. A Class Brick Price in Pakistan starts from 11 PKR. However, 1,000 bricks price in Pakistan will be 11,000 PKR.

Quality Check Of Bricks – Top Things To Consider

As bricks make the basic structure of a home, you cannot compromise on their quality. Using low-quality or cheap construction material results in damaged walls or roofs in the future. To avoid this, you must know how to choose quality bricks. Here is a complete guide!

Brick Color 

The bricks must not be over burnt. Choose bricks that have reddish or copper colors.

Bricks Dimension 

The bricks must be 9 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 3 inches in height

Brick Appearance  

There should be no white patch, crack, or flaws on the bricks. The edges must be sharp and polished.

Brick Hardness  

  1. Scratch on brick with your nail. If there is no mark or impression, the brick is of good quality.
  2. Take two bricks and struck them with one another. A good-quality brick makes a clear sound like a ring.

The Number of Bricks Used in House Construction   

Bricks used in 5 Marla House (Double-Story) = Around 53,000

Bricks Used in 8 Marla house (Double-Story) = Around 70,000

Bricks Used in 10 Marla House (Double-Story) = Around 90,000

Bricks Used in 1 Kanal House (Double-Story) = Around 135,000

Alternative of Bricks for Construction – Blocks   

For construction, bricks are the most ancient and reliable material. However, some other materials are also used nowadays to make walls or structures. In many areas of Pakistan especially Karachi, Blocks are used for masonry work. The blocks are highly durable thus made of concrete. They are either solid or hollow. However, the most commonly used blocks for construction are as follows!

  • Cement Blocks
  • Hollow Concrete Blocks
  • AAC Blocks
  • CLC Blocks

Bricks Vs Blocks – Which is better for Construction

Bricks Blocks 
Made of ClayMade of cement or Fly Ash
Expensive than blocksCheaper
Takes more construction timeQuick Construction
Cement is more usedLess use of cement
More DurableLess Durable
Absorb more heatLess temprature resistent
Requires less maintenanceMaintenance is needed

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