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A brief autopsy of construction materials price

Building a home is a huge commitment in terms of both finances and time or effort. So without much ado, let’s do a brief comparison of the estimated current prices of elementary construction materials (bricks, cement, sand, and steel) with average prices of the same in the previous year.



materials - bricks

The current estimated price of bricks is Rs 8,500 per 1,000 units. By comparison, the average price for the same number of bricks was Rs 7,900 in the previous year, which means that brick prices have increased by almost 7.59 per cent in one year.


materials - cement

A bag of cement was priced at Rs 505 last year. The current estimated price of a bag of cement is Rs 510. This isn’t much of an increase, but it can be felt when making bulk purchases of thousands of bags.


materials - sand

Chenab River sand is quite pricey as compared to sand from Ravi River – the former is almost double the price of the latter. According to our research and estimates, the average price of Chenab River sand ranged between Rs 24-25 per ft3 in the previous year, and has increased to between Rs 25-26 per ftthis year.

On the other hand, the estimated average price of Ravi River sand is Rs 14 per ft3, which was Rs 12 per ftin the previous year.


materials - rebar
iron bars

Rebar (short for reinforcing bars), which is also referred to as reinforcing steel bars (materials), cost Rs 90 per kg on average. The estimated price of rebar was Rs 85 per kg last year. Again, the estimated difference of Rs 5 becomes significant when bought in tons.

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