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10 Marla House Construction Cost Calculator in Pakistan | Grey Structure And Finishing

10 Marla house construction costs increased significantly in 2023 as the material costs have significantly boosted. Constructed 10 Marla houses for sale are also available in Pakistan at different rates. However, you can still save money by constructing a home on your own instead of buying an already-built 10 Marla home. Besides, constructing a home on your own allows you to design it according to your needs. 10 Marla house construction includes both grey structure and finishing.

Before starting the construction, you must plan properly and budget. Learn about the latest construction material prices in Pakistan 2023, labor costs, trends, and much more to estimate rough pricing. Before starting the house, ensure you have the budget and resources to build a home. Here is a complete guide on 10 Marla house construction costs, including grey structure and finishing.

10 Marla House Covered Area

10 Marla house double story usually has a covered space of 3300 sqft. The ground floor covered area is 1650 sqft while the first floor covered area is 1550 sqft. However, 10 Marla house standard plan includes 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, two kitchens, a TV lounge, a drawing room, a laundry space, a terrace, and a mumtee.

Step-by-Step Guide to 10 Marla House Construction

10 Marla House Construction Material

To build 10 Marla house, you need the following material.

  • Bricks
  • Ravi Sand
  • Chenab Sand
  • Crush + Rori
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Plumbing material
  • Electric wiring material
  • Ghassu
  • Grills
  • Choughat
  • Main Gate
  • Finishing Material
  • Flooring Tiles
  • Paint
  • Wooden work
  • Ceiling
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Electric equipment
  • Stair railing
  • Mirrors, windows, and doors

10 Marla House Construction Cost 2023 In Pakistan

Planning and budgeting are crucial aspects when it comes to house construction. The expenditure can rise after budgeting due to increasing construction material costs. However, we have calculated an estimated cost of A-category 10 Marla house construction.

This includes the grey structure cost as well as the finishing cost. This is a generally estimated cost calculator for 10 Marla house construction in Pakistan that can vary as per your city, market rates, material choice, and other related factors.

10 Marla Grey Structure Cost 2023

The grey structure is the first and foremost step when constructing a home. The grey structure includes foundation construction, wall building, plumbing, electric wiring, connections, floor leveling, and cement plastering. However, to know the total 10 Marla grey structure cost, you should know which material is required, the pricing of each material, labor cost, and more.


grey structure

Bricks are used to make a home’s foundation and the whole structure. Since ancient times, bricks have been considered the best house construction material as they are energy-efficient and durable. You may be thinking, how many bricks are required for 10 Marla house construction? Well, you need 97,000 bricks for 10 Marla double-story home, approximately. This quantity will cover the foundation as well as the whole grey structure.

Bricks Types & Quality

Bricks come in different types or categories. This includes A+ grade bricks, 1st class bricks (Awal bricks), 2nd class (Doem bricks), and 3rd class (khingar). These three differ from each other in terms of quality and pricing.

For grey structure construction, Awal bricks are the best; however, you can use Khingar for foundation filling till the DPC level. Do not use third-class bricks for walls, as they are not much strong. However, the standard brick size in Pakistan is 9 inches long, 5 inches in height, and 4 inches wide.

Brick Cost And Quantity

For 10 Marla house construction, you need an estimated 97,000 bricks. The latest bricks price in Pakistan starts from Rs.15 for A+ grade bricks. A grade or awal brick rate is Rs.14, the Doembrick rate is Rs.13 while Khingar brick rate is Rs.12. You are recommended to use awal bricks for the grey structure. According to Rs.14 per brick, the total bricks cost for 10 Marla house will be Rs.1,358,000.

Bricks TypesA+ Grade Bricks (Awal)
Price Per BrickRs.15
Bricks TypesA Grade Bricks (Awal)
Price Per BrickRs.14
Bricks TypesB Grade Bricks (Doem)
Price Per BrickRs.13
Bricks TypesC Grade Bricks (Khangar)
Price Per BrickRs.12
Bricks TypesBrick Tiles
Price Per BrickRs.14



Cement is used as a binding material during house construction. Also, it is used for wall plastering, masonry work, roofing, pillars, making joints, and many other phases. Cement comes in multiple qualities and pricing. However, you must choose a cement type that comes in great strength and quality.

Cement Cost And Quantity

For 10 Marla house construction, you need almost 1020 cement bags. However, the cement rate per bag starts from Rs.1060. According to Rs.1060, the total cement cost for 10 Marla house will be Rs.1,081,200.

Cement CompanyDG Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1060
Cement CompanyLucky Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1040 to 1050
Cement CompanyMaple Leaf Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1065 to1080
Cement CompanyMaple Leaf White Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1650
Cement CompanyBestway Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1045 to 1070
Cement CompanyFauji Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1040 to 1050
Cement CompanyKohat Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1050
Cement CompanyAttock Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1060 to 1080
Cement CompanyPakCem
Price per 50KG BagRs.1070
Cement CompanyAskari Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1080
Cement CompanyPioneer
Price per 50KG BagRs. 855-860
Cement CompanyFlying Cement
Price per 50KG BagRs.1050



Sand is another important construction material that is used in multiple phases. You require sand during foundation construction, lime mortar, and concrete plaster. The sand you buy must be free of chemicals and clay particles. In Pakistan, two types of sand are used during house construction: Chenab sand and River sand, taken from river beds or coastal beaches.

Sand Cost And Quantity

You require 7000 CFT Ravi sand and 1200 CFT Chenab sand for 10 Marla house construction. The Ravi sand rate is Rs.42 per cubic feet; however, Chenab sand is Rs.60 per cubic feet. According to this, the total Ravi sand cost for 10 Marla house will be Rs.294,000, while the total Chenab sand cost will be Rs.72,000.

SandSand Chenab
Rate Per Cubic FeetRs. 60
SandSand Ravi
Rate Per Cubic FeetRs. 42
SandSand Ghazi
Rate Per Cubic FeetRs. 110
SandSand Ghassu
Rate Per Cubic FeetRs. 28
SandSand Lawrencepur
Rate Per Cubic FeetRs. 105


stone crush

Crush (bajri) is used in many phases when constructing a 10 Marla home. Margala crush and Sargodha crush in Pakistan are the most popular and reliable. Bajri is made by crushing stones into small pieces.

Crush Cost And Quantity

You need 2100 CBF Margala crush and 1,600 CBF Sargodh crush for 10 Marla house construction. Margala crush price is Rs.138 per CFT; however, the Sargodha crush rate is Rs.130 per CFT. According to this, the total cost of Margala crush will be Rs.289,800, and the total cost of Sargodha crush will be Rs.273,000.

CrushCrush Sargodha
Rate (Per Cubic Feet)Rs.130
CrushCrush Margalla
Rate (Per Cubic Feet)Rs.138
CrushCrush Deena Bajar
Rate (Per Cubic Feet)Rs.95
CrushCrush Mix Bajar
Rate (Per Cubic Feet)Rs.125

Excavation, Backfill And Ghassu


Ghassu is used to backfill plots before making foundation and grey structures. It is a mixture of clay and sand, usually taken from river beds. With Ghassu, the foundations of your home become stronger.

Ghassu Cost

The total cost of Ghassu, backfill, and excavation for 10 Marla home construction is approximately Rs.123,180.


iron bars

Steel is one of the most important construction materials used in lintels, slabs, water tanks, columns, and beams. However, you must use 60-grade steel bars during house construction as they come with more strength.

Steel Cost And Quantity

You need 5 tons (5000 kg) of steel for 10 Marla house construction. The current steel rate in Pakistan is Rs.270 per kg. However, the total steel cost for 10 Marla home will be Rs.1,350,000. 

SteelSteel Bar 60-Grade AF Steel
Rate Per Kg.Rs.270
SteelSteel Bar 60-Grade Amreli Steel
Rate Per Kg.Rs.275
SteelSteel Bar 60-Grade FF Steel
Rate Per Kg.Rs.270
SteelSteel Bar 60-Grade Ittefaq Steel
Rate Per Kg.Rs.270
SteelSteel Bar 60-Grade Kamran Steel
Rate Per Kg.Rs.270
SteelSteel Bar 60-Grade MS Steel
Rate Per Kg.Rs.270
SteelSteel Bar 60-Grade Mughal Steel
Rate Per Kg.Rs.260
SteelSteel Bar 60-Grade Saeed Steel
Rate Per Kg.Rs.270

Door And Window Frames (Choughat)

door frame

During grey structure construction, installing door and window frames is essential before finishing work. The doors and windows are then fixed to these frames. Door frames or choughats are made of durable steel sheets and thus come in various quality types, including 14 gauge, 16 gauge, and 18 gauge.

Steel Choughat Cost And Quantity

For 10 Marla home, you steel choughats of around Rs.200,000 to 300,000.

Safety Grills


Safety grills for windows and main gate are essential to install when constructing a home. These grills are also made of steel thus come in great strength and durability. You must have a budget of almost 150,000 PKR for safety grills.

Main Gate


The main gate is also a part of the grey structure. However, the main gate cost depends on its design, gauge, and size. You are recommended to use 18 gauge main gate as they are more reliable.

Main Gate Cost

The main gate price for 10 Marla house is 150,000 PKR, approximately.

Plumbing And Sanitary


Sanitary and plumbing work refers to the pipelines installation and connections of sewerage, water, and drainage during grey structure construction. Also, gas pipelines are installed. You are recommended to use GI conduits both for water and gas pipes. However, PVC pipes are suitable for drainage and sewerage system. Popular pipes are the most reliable and durable for installing plumbing and sanitary system.

Plumbing Cost

The total plumbing cost for 10 Marla house construction will be Rs.849,000, approximately. This includes hot and cold water supply, insulation armaflex, drainage system piping, gas piping, pumps and drains, AC drainage, UPVC pipeline, and labor cost.

Electric Wiring

electric wire

Electrical wiring is another important phase of the grey structure construction of a home. For an electrical system, you need an electric conduit, PVC pipes, PVC bend, PVC tape, junction box, switchboard boxes, and other materials. During the grey structure, leave an appropriate space to fit the MCB box later.

Electric Wiring Cost

The estimated cost of electric wiring for 10 Marla house is around Rs.10,86,999. This includes conduits and accessories, switches and back boxes, wires and cables, lights, fans, chandeliers, and labor cost.

Brick Ballast (Rori)

You also need rori for PCC and flooring. After laying the rori on the floor, it needs to be compacted perfectly by using compacter. After compaction, the floor requires suitable water pouring.

Brick Ballast Cost

For 10 Marla house flooring, 1600 sqft brick (4 trolleys) ballast is required. The rate per trolley is 20,000 PKR. According to this, the total rori cost for 10 Marla house is 80,000 PKR.

Termite Proofing

Termite proofing is essential after completing the digging process before making foundations. For the foundation’s long-term strength, this process is important.

Termite Proofing Cost

The total termite proofing cost for 10 Marla house is almost 45,000 PKR.

Water Storage Tank


The water tank is built on the rooftop that consists of concrete walls. To construct a water tank for 10 Marla house, you must have a budget of Rs.40,000.

Polythene Sheets For Waterproofing

For the waterproofing of a home, polythene sheets are installed in lintels. However, 10 Marla home waterproofing costs will be around Rs.150,000 to 200,000.

Labor Cost

The labor cost varies as per your city and area in Pakistan. The estimated labor cost for 10 Marla house grey structure, including plumbing and electricity work, is around Rs.1,650,000. The amount can vary as per your area and current labor rates.

Total Grey Structure Cost for 10 Marla House

The estimated 10 Marla total grey structure cost will be 5,701,500 PKR.

Rate (PKR)14
Total Cost (PKR)1,358,000
Rate (PKR)1060 (per bag)
Quantity1020 bags
Total Cost (PKR)1,081,200
MaterialRavi Sand
Rate (PKR)42 (per CFT)
Quantity7,000 CFT
Total Cost (PKR)294,000
MaterialChenab Sand
Rate (PKR)60 (per CFT)
Quantity1200 CFT
Total Cost (PKR)72,000
MaterialMagrala Crush
Rate (PKR)138 (per CFT)
Quantity2100 CFT
Total Cost (PKR)289,800
MaterialSargodha Crush
Rate (PKR)130 (per CFT)
Quantity1,600 CFT
Total Cost (PKR)208,000
MaterialBrick Ballast
Rate (PKR)20,000 (per trolley)
Quantity16,000 Sqft (4 trolleys)
Total Cost (PKR)80,000
Rate (PKR)22 (per CFT)
Total Cost (PKR)123,180
Rate (PKR)270 (per Kg)
Quantity5 ton (5000 Kg)
Total Cost (PKR)1,350,000
MaterialChoughat Steel
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)200,000
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)150,000
MaterialMain Gate
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)150,000
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)849,000
MaterialElectric Wiring
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)10,86,999
MaterialWater Tank
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)40,000
MaterialWater Proofing
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)200,000
MaterialTermite Spray
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)45,000
MaterialLabor Cost
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)1,650,000
MaterialTotal Cost
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)9,077,179

10 Marla House Finishing Cost in Pakistan

After making the grey structure of your house comes a finishing phase. The finishing phase includes tiling, wall paint, ceiling, woodwork, railing, and more. However, it depends completely on your choice and preferences. Here, we have come up with an estimated cost calculator for 10 Marla house finishes in Pakistan.

10 Marla House Finishing Cost and Material

Flooring Tiles


The first and foremost thing is flooring when it comes to finishing. For flooring, tiles are the most popular and reliable. They give your home a sleek and sophisticated look. Also, they are strong and durable. Flooring tiles are available in various qualities, pricing, and designs. You can choose as per your specific needs and concerns.

Apart from tiles, other flooring options are available, such as porcelain tile flooring, granite flooring, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, and more. Among all, ceramic tiles are considered the best choice for flooring as they are stylish, durable, and appealing. You have to buy flooring for all parts of home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, TV lounge, garage, and more.

Flooring Tiles Cost And Quantity

For 10 Marla double story, almost 280 tiles for flooring. For bathrooms, you need 140 tiles; for the terrace 22 tiles, for the garage 55 tiles; and for two kitchens, 60 tiles. However, the total tiles required for 10 Marla house finishing is 557.

The current master tiles price in Pakistan starts from Rs.270 per sqft. However, the tile dimensions should be 2/2 for rooms, 17/17 for the terrace, and 9/26 for the bathroom. You require almost 4280 tiles for 10 Marla finishing. the total tiling cost will be Rs. 1,155,600, approximately.

1267 ceramic tiles for walls and dado are required which will cost Rs. 343,357. However, 1500 skirting tiles are required which start from Rs.254 per sqft. The total skirting cost will be Rs. 381,000. This price can be higher as per the design, quality, and size of the tiles you choose. Also, specify a budget of almost 80,000 for cement, tile bands, and filling. The total cost will be then Rs.1,959,957, approximately.

Stair Marble And Kitchen Shelves

You need granite stair marble for kitchen shelves as well as stair marble. The stair marble price for 10 Marla home is approximately 150,000 PKR while the kitchen shelves marble price is 50,000 PKR.

Paint And Ceiling

Paint and ceiling give a completely finished look to your home after tiling. Some people also prefer PVC sheets and wallpaper; paint is still the most preferred choice. They are affordable, thus giving your home a sophisticated look. In Pakistan, different paint companies offer paints in multiple textures and colors. You can go with the color of your choice.

Paint And Ceiling Cost

The total paint cost for 10 Marla home will be around 800,000 PKR, the ceiling cost will be 220,000 PKR, and Rockwall/exterior cost will be 80,000 PKR.

Windows And Railing

Installing windows, doors and mirrors is an important phase in the finishing process. Also, you need terrace railing and stair railing that come in a variety of styles. The cost for 10 Marla home windows and railings will be 615,000 PKR, approximately.


The woodwork includes the doors, LCD rack, wardrobes, door handles, and kitchen cabinets. The total cost of the woodwork for 10 Marla house including labor and material, will be around 10,00,000 PKR, approximately.

Bath Accessories

During finishing, you need bathroom accessories, including counter vanity, vanity cabins, commodes, wall-mounted commodes, bath cabins, bathroom sets, hangers, and more. All these accessories come in different qualities, styles, and prices. The total plumbing cost in finishing will be almost 550,000 PKR. However, the plumber cost will be nearly 140,000 PKR.

Kitchen Accessories

For all the kitchen accessories and equipment of 10 Marla home, you should have a budget of almost 2,00,000 PKR.

Electric Equipment

The electric equipment you require includes lights, lamps, switchboards, fans, power plugs, breakers, exhaust fans, and more. To install all these accessories, you need to hire a professional electrician. The cost of electric equipment for 10 Marla house will be around 900,000 PKR. However, the electrical cost will be around 100,000 PKR.

Total Finishing Cost for 10 Marla House

The geyser and manhole will cost 50,000 as a whole. As per the general estimation, the total 10 Marla finishing costs will be 6,614,957 PKR.

MaterialFlooring Tiles
Rate (PKR)2,000 (per Sqft)
Total Cost (PKR)1,959,957
MaterialStair Marble
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)150,000
MaterialKitchen Shelf
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)50,000
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)800,000
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)80,000
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)220,000
MaterialWindows and Railing
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)615,000
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)10,00,000
MaterialBathroom Accessories
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)550,000
MaterialPlumber cost
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)140,000
MaterialKitchen Accessories
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)2,00,000
MaterialElectric Equipment
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)900,000 
MaterialElectrician cost
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)100,000
MaterialGeyser and Manhole
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)50,000
MaterialTotal Finishing Cost
Rate (PKR)
Total Cost (PKR)6,614,957 

Total Cost for 10 Marla House Construction and Finishing

10 Marla Grey Structure = 5,701,500 PKR

10 Marla Finishing = 6,614,957 PKR 

Total Cost = 12,316,457 PKR 

Steps included in 10 Marla House Construction

10 Marla house construction includes the following steps!

  • Plot demarcation
  • Excavation and Layout
  • Underground Termite Proofing
  • Base Filling
  • Foundation Construction
  • Grey Structure Construction
  • RCC Lintel
  • Wiring and plumbing work
  • Concrete plaster
  • Finishing

The total cost for 10 Marla house including the grey structure and finishing, is 12,316,457 PKR. This cost can vary as per the current construction material market trends, prices, location, and material selection. BY constructing home on your own, you can save a significant amount of money and then sell it to earn huge profit margins.

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